Enhance Your Understanding of Oral Health with Dental Decoding
What is Dental Decoding?

Teeth are unique structures in our body, housing millions of microscopic crystals with electromagnetic polarity. These crystals store binary information that resonates with our emotional experiences, affecting both our cerebral cortex and dental areas. This phenomenon is at the heart of Dental Decoding a powerful tool of self-discovery.
Dental Decoding delves deep into the position and shape of teeth and their roots to unveil the suffering experienced by our ancestors, encoded within us. Each type of bite and dental arch shape transmits information about our genealogical tree's efforts to protect us from emotional pain. By understanding this, we can also identify active conflicts and those in reparation in our current lives. Analyzing dental and paradental pathologies can be irreplaceable in reaching the root cause of an individual's suffering. It offers profound insights into your story, ancestral trauma, and hidden layers of potential that can transform your life.
One fundamental tool used in Dental Decoding is panoramic radiography (orthopantomography), enabling us to analyze factors invisible to the naked eye, such as the shape and position of dental roots.
Join us on a journey of self-discovery as we explore the unique connections between your teeth and your life.

Why Dental Decoding?
  • • If you are curious about the hidden messages that your teeth and their roots reveal about your emotional history and your ancestral legacy, dental decoding can help you uncover the stories that are encoded in your dental structures and how they relate to your current life situation.
  • If you are struggling with some dental or paradental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, malocclusion, or tooth loss, dental decoding can help you identify the root causes of these problems and how they are linked to your unresolved conflicts or traumatic experiences.
  • If you are interested in personal growth and transformation, dental decoding can help you discover the hidden potential that lies within you and how you can activate it by resolving your emotional blocks and releasing your ancestral burdens.

Who can attend? Who Qualifies to Attend

Whether you want to elevate your practice as a health practitioner or therapist, or satiate your curiosity with cutting-edge insights into human wellness, Dental Decoding is your gateway

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Dive Deeper Into the Interplay of Mind and Body
Understand your subconscious relationship dynamics
Explore the Confluence of Emotion, Intuition and Physical Well-being

There Are No Prerequisites or Previous Knowledge About Dental Decoding to Participate in this training.
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Unveil the Secrets Your Teeth Hold and Transform Your Life
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Module 1 Online

Unlock the Secrets of Dental Decoding! Dive into the Emotional Process of Cavity Formation, Explore Dental Symbology, & Discover the Hidden Meanings Behind Each Tooth. Don’t Miss Your Chance to Decode Your Dental Story!

Module 2 Online

Delve Deeper into Dental Decoding! Learn How Deciduous Teeth Reveal Emotional Origins, Interpret Dental Malpositions, and Master the Art of Diagnosing Emotional Personalities. Get Ready to Decode Panoramic Radiographs & Transform Your Practice!

Module 3 Online

Unlock the Power of Dental Decoding’s Third Module! Explore the Symbolic Significance of Buccal and Paradental Tissues, Decode Spiritual and Egoic Identities, and Understand the Dynamics of Gum Expression. Discover the Hidden Language of Your Oral Health!

Module 4 Retreat In-Person

Embark on a Profound Journey of Self-Discovery! Join Our 4-Day Retreat in Nature for the Fourth Module of Dental Decoding. Feel Your Teeth in a Whole New Way, Identify and Confront Your Personal Blockages, and Experience Life-Altering Change. This Retreat Will Transform Your Life.

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What Will You Learn from Dental Decoding?

Dental Decoding is a profound journey of self-discovery that goes beyond just understanding the physical aspects of your teeth. When you embark on this transformative exploration, you will gain a deep and meaningful understanding of yourself and your life.

Here’s what you can expect to learn and gain from taking Dental Decoding:

  • Insights into Your Emotional Landscape: Dental Decoding reveals that your teeth are like chapters in a book, holding stories of your emotional and biological experiences. You will learn how to decode these stories and gain insights into your emotional landscape, understanding the root causes of your feelings and behaviors.
  • Ancestral Healing: Dental Decoding helps you uncover the suffering experienced by your ancestors, encoded in the position and shape of your teeth and their roots. You will learn to recognize and address ancestral trauma, allowing you to break free from patterns that have been passed down through generations.
  • Awareness of Active Conflicts: By examining the different dental and paradental pathologies, you will gain the ability to identify active conflicts and those in reparation in your current life. This awareness empowers you to address and resolve ongoing issues and challenges.
  • Holistic Well-Being: Dental Decoding is not just about oral health; it’s about your overall well-being. You will discover the profound connection between your teeth and your nervous system, gaining insights into how your body and mind are intricately linked.
  • Hidden Layers of Potential: As you delve into the secrets your teeth hold, you will uncover layers of potential that were previously hidden from your view. This newfound awareness can lead to personal and professional growth, unlocking opportunities you never knew existed. Self-Transformation: Dental Decoding offers the opportunity for profound self-transformation. You will learn to shift your perspective, reframe your experiences, and let go of conflicts that have held you back, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and empowered life.
  • Tools for Personal Growth: Beyond understanding yourself, Dental Decoding equips you with valuable tools for personal growth and self-improvement. You will have the knowledge and skills to maintain long-term optimal health and well-being.
  • Connection to Your Story: Dental Decoding helps you connect with your own story, your history, and your unique place in your family tree. You will gain a deeper understanding of your role in the larger context of your genealogical lineage.
  • A Community of Learners: By taking Dental Decoding, you will join a community of like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of self discovery. You’ll have the opportunity to share experiences, insights, and support as you navigate this transformative path together.
  • In summary, Dental Decoding is an opportunity to unlock the hidden treasures within yourself. It’s a journey that leads to self-awareness, healing, personal growth, and a deeper connection to your own life story.

By discovering the power of Dental Decoding, you’ll embark on a transformative path toward realizing your fullest potential and living a more fulfilling life


A true psychonaut who has the unparalleled ability to transport you inward using the teeth to help you understand the story of your relationships to yourself, family and others. Along the way revealing emotional blocks and techniques of transformation. He’ll take you into a deep dive of self-knowlege uncovering the epigenetics of you as shown through the and shape and structure of your teeth and mouth; your genealogy through the roots and your current conflicts regarding your gums and cavities. You can also apply this knowledge in working with others. When he’s not facilitating workshops and practicing as a third generation orthodontist, he cultivates further mastery in Neuropsychology, integrative therapeutics, musical exploration and consciousness
He has been a dentist since 2000, received from the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay.

He has been teaching since 1999 in the chair of occlusion and prosthodontics of this University and has a specialty in implants and orthodontics.
In 2007 he started his path in Biological Decodification. As of 2009, he studied Total Biology with Professor Enrique Bouron, which he repeated several times to perfect himself. He is a trained teacher and qualified by Dr. Christian Beyer
From 2012, he began his journey in dental decoding with Dr. Christian Beyer in Europe, who is the creator of Dental Decoding.

This training IS NOT exclusive for Dentists since it is designed to be accessible to all types of people since dental decoding as a tool is a path of self-knowledge and unmasking of unconscious psycho-emotional conflicts.

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