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Learn The Advanced Science of Biological Decoding
What is Biological Decoding?

Biological Decoding emerges as a groundbreaking science, redefining our understanding of health by viewing humans in their entirety. It's an approach that transcends the conventional confines of symptomatology, offering a panoramic view that encompasses not just diseases and behaviors, but the full spectrum of human existence. This innovative science weaves together diverse strands of knowledge from a multitude of scientific disciplines, integrating insights gained from observing the evolution of life across humans, animals, and plants. By embracing this comprehensive perspective, Biological Decoding unlocks a deeper understanding of the intricate tapestry of health, illness, and behavior, rooted in the very essence of life's evolutionary journey.

Why Biological Decoding?
  • Explore the Deep Interplay of Mind and Body
  • Discover the Real “Root-Cause” of Illness: The Psycho-Biological Connection
  • Experience the Fusion of Emotion and Physical Manifestation
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Modules 1 & 2

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What You Will Learn When You Attend

Module 1 & 2

  • The 3 Levels of Human Functioning (Psyche-Brain-Body): Understand how these interconnected layers contribute to our overall well-being and responses to stress.
  • Dr. Hamer’s Findings and Dr. Sabbah’s Work: Explore the groundbreaking studies and theories of these eminent figures in the field of psycho-biology.
  • The Law of Ambivalence and Our Subjective Reality: Dive into the psychological perspectives that shape our perception of the world around us.
  • The Way People Get Sick: Uncover the complex interplay of psychological, physiological, and environmental factors that lead to illness.
  • How a Psychological Conflict Expresses Itself in the Body: Learn how unresolved emotional issues can manifest as physical symptoms.
  • The Notion of “Felt Experience”: Discover the profound impact of our emotional experiences on our health.
  • The 5 Fundamental Laws of Biology: Gain insight into the guiding principles that govern all biological processes.
  • The 2 Phases of an Illness Depending on the Tissue Type: Understand the progression of diseases based on the type of tissue involved.
  • The 4 Different Brain Layers Based on Our Evolution: Delve into the evolutionary development of the human brain and its implications on our health.
  • The Role of Microbes in Our System: Explore how microorganisms play a pivotal part in maintaining our health and well-being.
  • How Our Emotional Interpretations Affect Our Organs: Learn about the psychosomatic connections between our emotions and organ health.
  • How Illness is a Survival Solution: Discover a new perspective on disease, viewing it as a body's survival mechanism under certain circumstances.
  • Examples of Diseases and the Emotional Conflicts Associated with Them: Get a detailed look at specific illnesses and the emotional conflicts linked with them.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: Gain an in-depth understanding of this complex disease, exploring its potential psychological underpinnings and physiological manifestations.
  • The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems: Gain a solid understanding of these vital body systems and how they respond to emotional and physical stress.
  • The Root Cause of Depression: Explore the multifaceted causes of depression, diving deep into psychological, biological, and social perspectives.
  • The Emotional Cause of Anemia and Leukemia: Learn about the potential emotional triggers and conflicts associated with these diseases.
    How Illness Can be Reversed: Empower yourself with knowledge on how understanding and resolving psychological conflicts can lead to reversal of illness.
  • Programming and Triggering Conflicts: Learn how past experiences can ‘program' emotional responses, and how specific triggers can set these in motion.
  • The Effect of Secondary Emotional Conflicts: Understand how secondary emotional conflicts can compound and exacerbate the physical manifestation of stress and illness.
  • The 5 Stages of Grieving: Journey through the universal phases of grief, understanding how they contribute to and potentially prolong emotional and physical distress.
  • The Laws of Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion: Learn about the power of thoughts, suggestions, and affirmations in influencing our health and well-being.
  • The Territory Conflict Related to Loss: Delve into the psychosomatic implications of loss and how it's related to territorial conflict.
  • The Root Cause of Heart Attacks: Investigate the possible psychological roots of heart attacks, beyond the commonly known lifestyle and genetic factors.
  • The Universal Law of Creation: Understand how life is created and maintained through the interaction of matter, energy and information.
  • The Influence of Gestational Programming (Project and Purpose): Learn how the emotional state of the mother during pregnancy affects the development and personality of the child.
  • Myopathy vs. Multiple Sclerosis (Conflicts of Gesture and Pre-gesture): Discover how conflicts related to movement and expression can cause different types of muscular diseases.
  • The Mutation of the Species: Explore how environmental changes and stress can trigger genetic mutations and evolution.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Learn how chronic stress and overwork can deplete our vital energy and cause physical and mental exhaustion.
  • Allergies: Discover how allergies are a result of an overreaction of our immune system to harmless substances.
  • Breast Cancer: Understand how conflicts related to nurturing, protection and separation can affect the breast tissue and cause cancer.
  • Diabetes and Hypoglycemia: Learn how conflicts related to resistance, anger and identity can affect the blood sugar level and cause diabetes or hypoglycemia.
  • Obesity & Overweight: Discover how obesity and overweight are linked to conflicts related to lack, insecurity and self-worth.


  • Biological Memorized Cell Cycles (BMCC): Explore how these cycles are deeply ingrained in our physiology, affecting various aspects of our health and well-being.
  • Children’s Issues: Delve into the world of childhood ailments and challenges, from pregnancy-related concerns to behavioral problems and developmental disorders.
  • Systemic Group – Respiratory System: Gain insights into how conflicts can impact the respiratory system, leading to conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and more.
  • The Universe and Its Perception: Explore the fascinating relationship between our perception of the universe and our health.
  • Reflections and Realities: Understand the concept of reflection-reality and how it influences our experience of the world and our health.
  • Biological Traps: Learn about the traps that can hinder our well-being and how to navigate them.
  • Deprogramming / Reprogramming and Consciousness: Dive into the process of deprogramming and reprogramming our consciousness for improved health.
  • Dreams: Explore the significance of dreams in decoding our biological experiences.
  • The Coma: Investigate the unique aspects of comatose states and their relevance to biological decoding.
  • Holograms: Understand the role of holograms in our perception and its implications for health.
  • The Placebo Effect: Discover the power of the placebo effect and how it can influence our well-being.
  • Unconscious Connections: Explore the intriguing connections between the unconscious mind and our physical health.
  • Synchronicities: Delve into the phenomenon of synchronicities and their impact on our biological experiences.
  • The Great Epidemics and Pandemics of Humanity: Examine historical pandemics and their profound effects on human health and society.
  • Ping-Pong of the Brains (Right and Left Brains): Understand the intricate relationship between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and its relevance to our health.
  • Systemic Group – Renal and Urinary Systems (Basic): Gain insights into how conflicts can affect the renal and urinary systems, leading to conditions such as kidney issues, urinary problems, and more.
  • Evolution of a Conflict: the Chinese Hat and the Point of No Return: Explore the evolution of conflicts and the concept of the “point of no return.”.
  • Integral Cerebral Conflict of the Patient: Understand the complex nature of conflicts within the brain and their impact on health.
  • Conjunction Conflicts: Explore conflicts related to conjunctions and their implications for our well-being.
  •  Nervous Depression: Learn about the psychological and biological factors contributing to nervous depression.
  •  Schizophrenic Constellations: Gain insights into the various constellations associated with schizophrenia and related mental health conditions.
  • Chronic Hallucinatory Psychosis (CHP): Understand the different types of chronic hallucinatory psychoses and their characteristics.
  • Systemic Group – The Nervous System: Explore conflicts that can affect the nervous system, leading to various neurological conditions.
  • Systemic Group – Thyroid and Parathyroid: Investigate how conflicts can impact the thyroid and parathyroid glands, influencing conditions like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.
  • Systemic Group – Reproductive System: Gain insights into how conflicts can affect the male and female reproductive systems, leading to issues like infertility, menstrual problems, and more.
  • Listed Diseases: Explore a wide range of diseases and conditions, unraveling their symbolic and biological roots for a deeper understanding.

MODULE 6 Practicum

  • Therapeutic Practice: Learn about the key aspects of therapeutic practice, from consultation to therapeutic tools and recommendations.
  • Investigation Exercises: Engage in practical exercises aimed at investigating and decoding diseases for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Doubts and Questions from the Attendees: Address attendee questions and doubts to enhance their understanding of the material.


Isabelle Benarous

Isabelle Benarous is a prominent figure in the field of Psycho- Biological Medicine, renowned for her groundbreaking work in Biological Decoding and as the visionary founder of the BioReprogramming® Method. Over the last 2 decades, she has made significant contributions to the world of health and self-improvement, helping people transform their lives. Isabelle's multifaceted journey is marked by remarkable achievements and a deep commitment to holistic healing.

A Pioneer in the Science of Biological Decoding: Isabelle Benarous is an innovator in the field of Mind Body Medicine and an expert in the revolutionary approach of Biological Decoding, which permits the understanding of the intricate connections between emotions and health issues. Through her extensive research and private practice, she has demonstrated the profound impact our subconscious programs have on our health and how they influence our life path. Isabelle's work complements traditional medicine by offering individuals a unique path to uncover and resolve the deep-seated emotional conflicts that underlie physical ailments.

Founder of BioReprogramming®: The creation of the BioReprogramming® method stands as evidence of Isabelle's vision and leadership. This comprehensive methodology integrates Biological Decoding, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and various holistic modalities to address health issues at their roots. Isabelle developed a series of practical tools to transform people’s lives by shifting unconscious programs and limiting emotional patterns.

Empowering Women: Isabelle Benarous has been a fervent advocate for women's wellness throughout her career. Her programs and teachings have empowered countless women to take control of their health by offering insights into the mind-body connection. She has guided women to accomplish their transformative journey toward self-discovery, healing, personal success, and fulfillment.

Author and Educator: Isabelle's contributions extend to the domain of literature. Her books are invaluable resources that delve into the core principles of BioReprogramming®. They elucidate how past traumas, inherited family patterns, and subconscious beliefs contribute to health disturbances and life challenges. Her works provide a roadmap for the readers to understand and resolve limiting subconscious imprints, ultimately leading to healing and positive change.

Co-Founder of the International Society of Psycho-Biological Medicine: Isabelle Benarous' influence reaches global proportions as a co-founder of the International Society of Psycho-Biological Medicine. This prestigious organization brings together experts and practitioners in the field of Psycho-Biological Medicine, fostering collaboration and advancing the understanding of the intricate interplay between the mind and body.

Collaboration with Mind Body Logic: Since 2016, Isabelle has been a vital contributor to Mind Body Logic through her teachings and as a public speaker. Her practice combines the wisdom of Biological Decoding with powerful modalities such as NLP, thus providing individuals with unprecedented solutions for their physical and emotional health. Isabelle Benarous' legacy is one of transformation, healing, and empowerment. Her tireless dedication to unraveling the mysteries of the human mind and its connection to health has left an indelible mark on the field of Psycho-Emotional medicine. Through her books, programs, and live interventions, she continues to inspire and guide individuals on their journey toward growth and healing. Isabelle's work is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to lasting health and transformation.


ENRIQUE BOURON: Innovator in Biological Decoding and Co-Founder of the International Society of Psycho-Biological Medicine Enrique Bouron is a prominent figure in the field of complementary medicine, renowned for his significant contributions to Biological Decoding. While not a conventional medical practitioner, Bouron has played a pivotal role in expanding the reach of Biological Decoding, sharing its principles with diverse audiences, and passionately advocating for its transformative potential.

As an educator and communicator, Enrique Bouron has dedicated his life to studying, teaching, and disseminating the profound concepts that underlie Biological Decoding. This specialized branch of complementary therapies seeks to unearth the emotional or psychological origins of diseases and health conditions, offering an innovative approach to healing. His work is grounded in the belief that individuals possess the power to “decode” the language of physical ailments, which often represent responses to unresolved emotional conflicts or distress.

Notably, Bouron has been instrumental in popularizing Biological Decoding across Spanish-speaking countries, conducting numerous courses, workshops, and enlightening talks that have introduced countless individuals to these transformative concepts. His educational focus revolves around unveiling the emotional underpinnings of various physical symptoms, asserting that each organ affected by disease corresponds to a specific emotional conflict. This distinctive methodology involves the intricate process of decoding the body's messages, believed to be conveyed through illnesses or physical discomforts.

Bouron's teachings delve deep into the influence of past traumas, family history, and individual emotional experiences on one's physical health. This encompasses discussions on how unresolved emotional conflicts, some dating back to early childhood, can manifest as physical symptoms or diseases in adulthood.

Enrique Bouron's tireless efforts and visionary leadership have propelled Biological Decoding into the international spotlight, fostering profound healing and transformation for individuals worldwide. His work, coupled with the mission and vision of Mind Body Logic, continues to shape the future of complementary medicine, offering hope and healing to those seeking a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection.

In his mission to make Biological Decoding accessible to a broader audience, Enrique Bouron has authored several illuminating books and articles on the subject.

PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY: Enrique Bouron serves as a multifaceted figure in the realm of Psycho-Biological Medicine and Biological Decoding. His journey into this field began as an asset to his profession as a regression therapist. After attending courses in Montreal conducted by Julie Lemieux and Claude Vallières, he quickly recognized the extraordinary potential of this discipline. Later, he attended seminars delivered by Dr. Claude Sabbah, the founder of the discipline, and was granted the authority to translate all available material into Spanish. In addition to his foundational work, Enrique Bouron offers courses in Spanish to individuals interested in delving deeper into Biological Medicine and gaining professional practice as Psychobiological Decoders, aiming to enhance and extend its reach to places where this science remains relatively unknown or underdeveloped.

AUTHORSHIP:  Among his notable accomplishments, Enrique Bouron authored the renowned “Blue Book of Biological Decoding” available in Spanish and English, and is the creative mind behind other invaluable contributions to the field.
Other Publications:
“DecodificaciónMicrobiológica y Viral,” Spanish Only
“DecodificaciónBiológica – Sistemas Renal y Urinario” (in collaboration with Laura Otero), Spanish Only
“DecodificaciónBiológica – Sistema Cardiovascular” (in collaboration with Laura Otero), Spanish Only


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