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The new year presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past, set intentions for the future, and prioritize your well-being. At Mind Body Logic™, we are here to guide and support you on this extraordinary adventure in Psycho Biological Medicine™.

Whether you're a health practitioner, therapist, or simply someone curious about the mind-body connection, our courses, and events are designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to unlock your true potential and live a purposeful life.



As health care practitioners, we have a profound responsibility to not only address the physical ailments of our patients but also their emotional well-being. Emotional conflicts can have a significant impact on a patient's overall health and well-being. By recognizing and addressing psychological biological responses and their root cause, we have the power to unlock a transformative journey toward improved patient well-being. In this article, we will explore the importance of addressing psycho-biological conflicts, the training required to become a Psycho-Biological practitioner to unlock these conflicts, and the resources and tools available to support conflict resolution.


The field of Psycho Biological Medicine™ is a unique approach to healing that goes beyond traditional therapies. It combines scientific research with evidence-based practices to address the intricate connection between the mind and body. Numerous studies have demonstrated how chronic stress, trauma, and unresolved emotional issues can profoundly affect our overall health. These conflicts, if left unresolved, can have a direct impact on our physical well-being. The subconscious mind plays a significant role in this process, as it stores unhelpful thinking patterns and negative emotions that can manifest as physical ailments. By delving into the subconscious and addressing these patterns, Psycho Biological Medicine™ aims to bring about profound healing to restore balance to both the mind and body and prevent future health complications. Through a combination of therapies and tools such as cognitive behavioral techniques (what is its purpose?), mindfulness practices (what are my thoughts about this?), and somatic experiencing (how does it feel?), individuals can unlock their inner potential for healing and achieve lasting wellness. This integrative is an invaluable field that brings together science and compassion to promote healing and enhance lives.

Let's dive into the powerful stories of individuals who have experienced remarkable transformations through Psycho Biological Medicine.

Sarah, a 35-year-old woman, had been suffering from chronic migraines for years. Conventional treatments failed to provide lasting relief. However, when she discovered Psycho Biological Medicine™, she realized that her migraines were closely tied to unresolved childhood trauma. Through therapy and mind-body techniques, Sarah not only found relief from her migraines but also experienced a newfound sense of peace and well-being.

A Story of Transformation: Jane's Journey with Biological Decoding Imagine Jane, a vibrant professional who struggled with unexplained chronic fatigue. Despite numerous medical consultations, the root cause remained a mystery. That was until she discovered Biological Decoding and the root cause of her condition was related to deep self-devaluation related to moving forward: not able to foresee a good future and her fear of failure.

An Intriguing Tale: Michael's Discovery of Biological Decoding Michael, once plagued by persistent allergies with no apparent cause. His breakthrough came from an unexpected source: Biological Decoding understanding the devastating separation of his mother at an early age.

Are you ready to take control of your health and unlock your body's innate healing abilities?

At Mind Body Logic™, we offer a range of training sessions designed to unlock psycho-biological conflicts and support your patients on their transformative journey towards improved well-being. Our courses include Biological Decoding, Dental Decoding, and BioReprogramming®.


Biological Decoding is a revolutionary approach to healing and wellness that uncovers the hidden meaning behind any health issue. By understanding the connection between emotions and health, you can address the root causes of problems and activate your body's natural healing abilities.

This course consists of six modules, each module is 2 or 3 days in-person training. You will learn:

  • The logic and mechanisms of diseases and symptoms
  • The organ language and the brain layers
  • The biological cycles and the phases of healing
  • The biological laws and the conflict resolution process


Dental Decoding goes beyond the physical aspects of teeth and delves into a profound journey of self-discovery. By decoding the stories and emotions encoded in your teeth and roots, you can heal ancestral suffering, break free from generational patterns and trauma, and optimize your dental health and well-being.

This course consists of an online workshop and an in-person retreat. You will learn:

  • How to decode the stories and emotions encoded in your teeth and their roots
  • How to uncover and heal the suffering experienced by your ancestors
  • How to break free from generational patterns and trauma
  • How to optimize your dental health and well-being

This course is open to all students who want to learn Dental Decoding.


BioReprogramming® is a powerful method that helps you access and transform subconscious programs affecting your life. By changing your perception and reaction to situations, you can create new possibilities and outcomes for yourself.

This course consists of two modules, each module is a 3-hour online workshop. You will learn:

  • The origin and structure of the subconscious mind
  • The types and sources of subconscious programs
  • The tools and strategies to access and change subconscious programs.
  • The applications and benefits of BioReprogramming® in various areas of life

This course is open to all students who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in BioReprogramming®.


Continuing education and training are essential for practitioners to stay updated with the latest research and techniques in addressing psycho-biological conflicts. By investing in further education, practitioners can expand their knowledge and skills, ultimately benefiting their patients.

Biological Decoding now offers MODULE 6 two full days of practice. This is an in-person event for all past graduates. Register today!


Collaborating with other healthcare practitioners who specialize in emotional well-being can also provide valuable insights and support. Building a network of professionals who share a common goal can facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices in addressing psycho-biological conflicts.

Inside Mind Body Logic™, The MBL Evolution Toolbox is a powerful series of conversational, group discussion videos. These videos feature Mind Body Logic™ – Psycho-Biological practitioners and Students who share their ideas, answer general questions, and give their personal and professional opinions on Decoding as a healing modality. Group Discussions on volunteer cases to help practitioners and students practice modalities.

Your path to transformation starts here!

Psycho Biological Medicine™ offers a revolutionary approach to health and well-being by acknowledging the intricate interplay between our mind and body. Through its evidence-based practices, this discipline has transformed countless lives, providing lasting relief and empowering individuals to reclaim their health. If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, it's time to explore the transformative power of Psycho Biological Medicine™. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you by contacting us today. Your body and mind deserve it.

Secure your spot today and join us on this transformative journey.


The Mind Body Logic Team

January 1st, 2024



Please note that the views expressed in these videos are those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the views of Mind Body Logic or its affiliates.

It’s important to note that Biological Decoding is not intended to replace any medical system, treatment, medication, diagnosis, or anything that belongs exclusively to medical competence. Instead, it is meant to be used in conjunction with traditional medicine (as well as with energy medicine, and the “healing arts” etc.) as a complementary approach.

A PSYCHO-BIOLOGICAL PRACTITIONER can guide you through a deeper understanding of your health issues and their root causes from a subconscious and biological point of view. They can be a medical provider and use this practice correlative to your current medical care.

The process of Decoding involves three steps:

Identification: A practitioner working within this paradigm would start by identifying the specific nature of the physical issue or disease.

Decoding: The next step involves ‘decoding’ this information to determine the supposed emotional, psychological, or traumatic event that led to the physical manifestation. This might be done through discussion, introspection, or specific techniques designed to uncover subconscious information.

Resolution: Once the underlying issue is identified, various therapeutic approaches (counseling, energy work, meditation, etc.) may be used to address and resolve it, ostensibly leading to an improvement or resolution of the physical symptom or condition. It’s worth noting that sometimes we feel sick (symptoms) when we are actually healing (repair phase). This happens after we resolve the conflict that caused the disease.

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