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Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (or Dr. Todd, as he is called) has had a passion for science and a quest for knowledge from the time he was 5. He was first in his class in high school, receiving both the Bausch and Lomb Science Award and the Bucky Pioneer Award. At Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, he was first in his class of 1800 with a 4.0 grade point average. From Northwestern, he was accepted into a combined, accelerated undergraduate/medical school program at the highly esteemed Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (or Dr. Todd, as he is called) has had a passion for science and a quest for knowledge from the time he was 5. He was first in his class in high school, receiving both the Bausch and Lomb Science Award and the Bucky Pioneer Award. At Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, he was first in his class of 1800 with a 4.0 grade point average. From Northwestern, he was accepted into a combined, accelerated undergraduate/medical school program at the highly esteemed Johns Hopkins University.

At Georgetown, Dr. Todd participated in formal studies of T cell immune function after harvesting lymphocytes from the lung via fiber optic bronchoscopy. In addition, this training involved intensive care of many persons afflicted with HIV infection, as the lung is a common target following the immunologic breakdown of this condition. Aware of the extreme limitations of treating HIV through ordinary conventional means, Dr. Todd began a search for less intrusive solutions.

The concept of using the subtle differences of genetic organization between the viral and human genomes was the launch point for exploring new avenues of molecular resonance technologies. In concept, the slight differences of resonance signatures between the viral and human genomes could be used to selectively target and eliminate infected parts of cells leaving uninfected normal cells unharmed. After studying the background work on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on living systems, Dr. Todd commissioned a colleague with the expertise to design and build a fundamentally new laser electromagnetic resonance technology. This new laser optical technology has been patented worldwide.

For the last several years, Dr Todd has been lecturing and researching world-wide in the areas of longevity, stem cells, photons, and the effects of sound on the human system. He has also been teaching tones and tone patterns to groups of people around the world with Pineal Tones choirs beginning 2012.

In 2014, Dr. Todd began studying Biological Decoding and has supported this modality in his own practice. He’s also hosted various instructors to transmit this valuable system to as many facilitators, practioners, and lay people as possible.

Dr Todd is a dynamic, engaging and compassionate speaker who loves to share his latest and greatest information so that it can be practiced and used by those who are inspired.

Isabelle Benarous

Isabelle Benarous is a prominent figure in the field of Psycho- Biological Medicine, renowned for her groundbreaking work in Biological Decoding and as the visionary founder of the BioReprogramming® Method. Over the last 2 decades, she has made significant contributions to the world of health and self-improvement, helping people transform their lives. Isabelle's multifaceted journey is marked by remarkable achievements and a deep commitment to holistic healing.

A Pioneer in the Science of Biological Decoding: Isabelle Benarous is an innovator in the field of Mind Body Medicine and an expert in the revolutionary approach of Biological Decoding, which permits the understanding of the intricate connections between emotions and health issues. Through her extensive research and private practice, she has demonstrated the profound impact our subconscious programs have on our health and how they influence our life path. Isabelle's work complements traditional medicine by offering individuals a unique path to uncover and resolve the deep-seated emotional conflicts that underlie physical ailments.

Founder of BioReprogramming®: The creation of the BioReprogramming® method stands as evidence of Isabelle's vision and leadership. This comprehensive methodology integrates Biological Decoding, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and various holistic modalities to address health issues at their roots. Isabelle developed a series of practical tools to transform people’s lives by shifting unconscious programs and limiting emotional patterns.

Empowering Women: Isabelle Benarous has been a fervent advocate for women's wellness throughout her career. Her programs and teachings have empowered countless women to take control of their health by offering insights into the mind-body connection. She has guided women to accomplish their transformative journey toward self-discovery, healing, personal success, and fulfillment.

Author and Educator: Isabelle's contributions extend to the domain of literature. Her books are invaluable resources that delve into the core principles of BioReprogramming®. They elucidate how past traumas, inherited family patterns, and subconscious beliefs contribute to health disturbances and life challenges. Her works provide a roadmap for the readers to understand and resolve limiting subconscious imprints, ultimately leading to healing and positive change.

Co-Founder of the International Society of Psycho-Biological Medicine: Isabelle Benarous' influence reaches global proportions as a co-founder of the International Society of Psycho-Biological Medicine. This prestigious organization brings together experts and practitioners in the field of Psycho-Biological Medicine, fostering collaboration and advancing the understanding of the intricate interplay between the mind and body.

Collaboration with Mind Body Logic: Since 2016, Isabelle has been a vital contributor to Mind Body Logic through her teachings and as a public speaker. Her practice combines the wisdom of Biological Decoding with powerful modalities such as NLP, thus providing individuals with unprecedented solutions for their physical and emotional health. Isabelle Benarous' legacy is one of transformation, healing, and empowerment. Her tireless dedication to unraveling the mysteries of the human mind and its connection to health has left an indelible mark on the field of Psycho-Emotional medicine. Through her books, programs, and live interventions, she continues to inspire and guide individuals on their journey toward growth and healing. Isabelle's work is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to lasting health and transformation.


ENRIQUE BOURON: Innovator in Biological Decoding and Co-Founder of the International Society of Psycho-Biological Medicine Enrique Bouron is a prominent figure in the field of complementary medicine, renowned for his significant contributions to Biological Decoding. While not a conventional medical practitioner, Bouron has played a pivotal role in expanding the reach of Biological Decoding, sharing its principles with diverse audiences, and passionately advocating for its transformative potential.

As an educator and communicator, Enrique Bouron has dedicated his life to studying, teaching, and disseminating the profound concepts that underlie Biological Decoding. This specialized branch of complementary therapies seeks to unearth the emotional or psychological origins of diseases and health conditions, offering an innovative approach to healing. His work is grounded in the belief that individuals possess the power to “decode” the language of physical ailments, which often represent responses to unresolved emotional conflicts or distress.

Notably, Bouron has been instrumental in popularizing Biological Decoding across Spanish-speaking countries, conducting numerous courses, workshops, and enlightening talks that have introduced countless individuals to these transformative concepts. His educational focus revolves around unveiling the emotional underpinnings of various physical symptoms, asserting that each organ affected by disease corresponds to a specific emotional conflict. This distinctive methodology involves the intricate process of decoding the body's messages, believed to be conveyed through illnesses or physical discomforts.

Bouron's teachings delve deep into the influence of past traumas, family history, and individual emotional experiences on one's physical health. This encompasses discussions on how unresolved emotional conflicts, some dating back to early childhood, can manifest as physical symptoms or diseases in adulthood.

Enrique Bouron's tireless efforts and visionary leadership have propelled Biological Decoding into the international spotlight, fostering profound healing and transformation for individuals worldwide. His work, coupled with the mission and vision of Mind Body Logic, continues to shape the future of complementary medicine, offering hope and healing to those seeking a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection.

In his mission to make Biological Decoding accessible to a broader audience, Enrique Bouron has authored several illuminating books and articles on the subject.

PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY: Enrique Bouron serves as a multifaceted figure in the realm of Psycho-Biological Medicine and Biological Decoding. His journey into this field began as an asset to his profession as a regression therapist. After attending courses in Montreal conducted by Julie Lemieux and Claude Vallières, he quickly recognized the extraordinary potential of this discipline. Later, he attended seminars delivered by Dr. Claude Sabbah, the founder of the discipline, and was granted the authority to translate all available material into Spanish. In addition to his foundational work, Enrique Bouron offers courses in Spanish to individuals interested in delving deeper into Biological Medicine and gaining professional practice as Psychobiological Decoders, aiming to enhance and extend its reach to places where this science remains relatively unknown or underdeveloped.

AUTHORSHIP:  Among his notable accomplishments, Enrique Bouron authored the renowned “Blue Book of Biological Decoding” available in Spanish and English, and is the creative mind behind other invaluable contributions to the field.
Other Publications:
“DecodificaciónMicrobiológica y Viral,” Spanish Only
“DecodificaciónBiológica – Sistemas Renal y Urinario” (in collaboration with Laura Otero), Spanish Only
“DecodificaciónBiológica – Sistema Cardiovascular” (in collaboration with Laura Otero), Spanish Only

Dr. Fabián Brotos, DDS

Fabian Brotos is a trailblazer in the fields of Biological Decoding and Dental Decoding, pioneering self-discovery practices that delve deep into the human experience through the lens of teeth. His journey of exploration and achievement has led to transformative insights into the connections between the mind, body, and emotions.

Fabian's educational journey began in the year 2000 when he earned his dental degree from the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay. His passion for dentistry led him to embark on a teaching career, starting in 1999, as part of the chair of occlusion and prosthodontics at his alma mater. Over the years, he honed his expertise, specializing in implants and orthodontics, further enriching his understanding of oral health.

In 2007, Fabian embarked on a remarkable path in Biological Decodification. Recognizing the profound impact of this practice on individual well-being, he dedicated himself to studying and perfecting the art. By 2009, he had undertaken intensive study in Total Biology under the mentorship of Professor Enrique Bouron. This commitment to learning and growth reflects Fabian’s dedication to his craft and his unwavering pursuit of excellence.

In his quest for knowledge and mastery, Fabian became a trained teacher in Europe, a renowned figure in the field of Biological Decodification and Dental Decoding. Fabian embraced this unique practice with enthusiasm and became a practitioner of Dental Decoding, further expanding his toolkit for helping individuals on their paths to self-discovery.

As a co-founder of the International Society of Psycho-Biological Medicine , Fabian has played an instrumental role in fostering a global community of like- minded individuals dedicated to exploring the intricate connections between the mind, body, and emotions. His contributions have enriched the field and opened doors to transformative self-discovery for countless individuals worldwide.

Fabian Brotos is not only a highly accomplished dentist and practitioner but also a true psychonaut. He possesses the unparalleled ability to guide individuals on an inward journey using the teeth as a gateway to understanding the stories of their relationships with themselves, their families, and others. Along this path, he skillfully unveils emotional blocks and offers techniques for transformation.

In his workshops and practice as a third-generation orthodontist, Fabian delves deep into Neuropsychology, integrative therapeutics, musical exploration, and consciousness. His dedication to further mastery and his commitment to helping individuals unlock the epigenetics of their lives through the structure of their teeth and mouth reflect his unwavering passion for facilitating personal growth and self-discovery.

Fabian Brotos is a true luminary in the field of Psycho-Biological Medicine and Dental Decoding, leading the way in helping individuals uncover their hidden truths and transform their lives.

Mary Grevelle Kennedy, PhD

was not only a remarkable individual but also a source of boundless love and support for everyone she encountered during her lifetime. Her unwavering dedication to holistic well-being made her a guiding light for countless individuals, offering them the gift of joy and health as they navigated life's complexities.

Through her extensive studies and profound insights, Mary had a unique ability to touch the hearts and souls of those she connected with. Her love and support were a constant source of inspiration for everyone she met, and she dedicated herself to helping others unlock the profound mysteries of mind-body logic.

Mary's love extended beyond her personal connections; she poured her heart and soul into supporting Gematria Products and Pineal Tones, contributing to the advancement of holistic well-being practices that would benefit humanity as a whole. Her collaboration with world-renowned experts, including Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, was a testament to her commitment to creating transformative experiences for all.

Mary's love and support were not just words; they were the essence of her being, and they continue to ripple through the lives of those she touched. Her legacy of love, wisdom, and dedication to holistic well-being lives on, as a beacon of light in a world that will forever be touched by her presence.