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Biological Decoding and other practices supported by Mind Body Logic

is a complementary approach to traditional medicine that offers a unique perspective on diseases. It posits that the body and mind are interconnected and communicate through a subconscious code. According to this view, physical symptoms or diseases are often manifestations of deeper emotional conflicts or traumas. The ‘decoding’ process involves uncovering the emotional cause(s) behind a physical symptom and addressing it, often leading to a resolution of the symptom.

It’s important to note that Biological Decoding is not intended to replace any medical system, treatment, medication, diagnosis, or anything that belongs exclusively to medical competence. Instead, it is meant to be used in conjunction with traditional medicine (as well as with energy medicine, and the “healing arts” etc.) as a complementary approach.

A Biological Decoder can guide you through a deeper understanding of your health issues and their root causes from a subconscious and biological point of view. They can be a medical provider and use this practice complementary to your current medical care.

The process of Biological Decoding involves three steps:

  1. Identification: A practitioner working within this paradigm would start by identifying the specific nature of the physical issue or disease.
  2. Decoding: The next step involves ‘decoding’ this information to determine the supposed emotional, psychological, or traumatic event that led to the physical manifestation. This might be done through discussion, introspection, or specific techniques designed to uncover subconscious information.
  1. Resolution: Once the underlying issue is identified, various therapeutic approaches (counseling, energy work, meditation, etc.) may be used to address and resolve it, ostensibly leading to an improvement or resolution of the physical symptom or condition. It’s worth noting that sometimes we feel sick (symptoms) when we are actually healing (repair phase). This happens after we resolve the conflict that caused the disease.